A U-Soap Media Production
Funded by Centre for Advanced Studies at the University of Nottingham
and the Arts Council, Grants For Arts.
Installations sponsored by The Digital Cultures Research Centre, Bristol.

Supported by:
The Bristol Hotel, part of the Doyle Collection
Icon Films
No.1 Harbourside
Alice Menter Jewellery
Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol
BBC Academy and Digital Bristol Week

The Memory Dealer was first produced as part of an EPSRC funded artistic residency at Towards Pervasive Media, University of Nottingham. It is the the subject of research by the interdisciplinary research group, Moving Experience.

Written and Directed by Rik Lander
Special thanks Liz Evans

Produced by: Laura D’Asta and Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt

Composer: Alexander Kolassa
Web, app and poster graphics: Alex Mander
Photography: Dexter Lander
App programming: Benjamin Clayton
App testing: James Higgs
Installation Technology: Tarim, Tim Kindberg
Club scene choreography: Brenda Waite
Additional graphics: Ashley Clarke, Rik Lander

Screen media credits

Eve - Jessica Macdonald
DI Stone - Julie Hoult
DC Douglas - James Morton

Radio voices:
Genghis Haq - Yusuf Ahmad
Melanie Fox - Hazel Grian
Announcer - Peta Dennis

Additional performers: Felix Drake, Ashley Clarke, Aoife Blair

Live event credits

Dealer - Lu Capewell
Dentist - Gemma Thorogood
Receptionist - Jasmine Atkins-Smart
Agent - Stephanie Weston
Watchers - Michael Burrows, Imogen Pettitt, Kristina Maurer, Cristina Sanchez-Gonzales, Vivi Stamatatos, Maria Chatzialexiou, Hannah Thorogood

Front of House Hosts: Hanna Williams Walton, James Higgs

Live event technical: Jim Roper, Henry Mitchell
Car installation supervision: Michael Burrows
Mother Daughter set design: Ashley Clarke
Jewellers installation construction: Sandy Creighton
Documentation: Felix Drake
Runner: Julie Guerrin
Catering: Café On The Square

Moving Experience Team:
Nanette Nielsen, Sarah Hibberd, Eva Giraud, Sarah Martindale, Jonathan Herrick, Liz Evans and Alex Kolassa

Thanks to:

Everyone who has advised and helped me create this project since 2010 including: Cathy Denford, Hazel Grian, Dom Baker, Verity McIntosh, Mark Jacobs, Sylvia Robson, Kate Yedigaroff, Matthew Austin, Jon Dovey, Helen Kennedy, Matt Davenport, Mat Trivett, Hannah Higginson, Ben Young, Kerrie Avery, Cherry Sinclair, Steve Ashworth, Laura Marshall, Sandy Creighton, Sally Randle, Mayfest and the Mayfest volunteers