DIC Crest

Digital Investigations Command


If you have any information on Eve Rust, the XM or any other memory crime please contact us. Your call will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you are you going to be near the memory dealers soon then call us and receive immunity from prosecution.

About The XM

Legitimate opposition to the government sale of an eXm license to Mevokia is not illegal. The XM’s repeated use of trespass, criminal damage and data security violations is. The UK Government regards the activities of the XM as economic sabotage and has made them a proscribed organisation. This means that membership is illegal.

Good Publicity

Despite their positive public image as defenders of civil liberties the XM have in fact trampled them in pursuit of their criminally motivated campaign.

The case against The XM

The XM was made a proscribed organisation on the basis of the following pending criminal charges:

Luis Valentin

The case against Eve Rust

£100,000 was donated to The XM by a company that has been shown to be owned by convicted Mexican crime baron, Luis Valentin. Eve Rust used £36,000 of this money to pay off her personal debts. Rust, who is wanted for questioning, claims that she was unaware of the source of the funding and that the debt repayment was “an error.”

In addition Eve Rust is wanted for questioning in the so called “memgate” case when illegally recorded mems were delivered to the press.

DIC officer detains a suspect A DIC officer detains a suspect.